Outdoor PDX Update on Covid-19

Please Note Our policies and procedures are subject to change. We actively review any new guidelines and adjust our Q&A as necessary. The below information is updated as of September 30, 2020.

OutdoorPDX Q&A

Our thoughts go out to all the families affected by COVID-19. We want to offer support as we navigate these challenging times together. In response to the COVID-19, our kids, staff, and extended Trackers community is our top priority. We are closely reviewing and updating how we move forward based upon guidance from Oregon Health Authority and recommendations from the American Camp Association. Please read below for the latest information. We want to help answer your questions about how Trackers is preparing for Fall for your family.

Q: Is Fall Programming still happening?

A: For the most part, yes. Some programs will look a little different as we adjust to meet the needs of current health and safety guidelines. We have reduced the size of our programming to ensure the safety of staff and students through this pandemic. We are refining best practices for check-in, transportation, and operation of Trackers in this new world, in a safe and sustainable manner.

Q: I don't see my program listed on your site anymore.

A: Programs that are no longer on the web site are full and have a full waitlist. If you’re already registered for a program, you can log into your Trackers account to view the status and any updates.

Q: I haven't received any information about a program that starts next week. What do I need to bring?

A: Reminder emails go out 3-4 days before a program begins. In general, students should bring a lunch, snack, water bottle, hat, sunscreen, mask, rain gear / cold weather gear and hand sanitizer.

Q: How is Trackers Earth handling bathrooms?

A: We have access to our own, private restroom facilities for program use. They are all locked and not accessible by the public when not in use by our groups.

Each Stable Cohort takes turns using restroom facilities - or in other words, there will not be a line with two different groups using restroom facilities at the same time.

After every use during programs, we sanitize restrooms with a CDC-approved disinfectant solution. This is on top of regular maintenance services to these facilities.

Q: What are the updated locations/drop off times?

A: This depends on your program.Information regarding your specific program will be listed in the reminder email. If you cannot locate or did not receive a reminder email, please reach out to our Customer Service Team at info@trackersearth.com. We are not able to offer after school this Fall due to the need to keep stable groups. If your drop off location has changed we will email that information directly to you.

Q: I have emailed already but haven't heard back about my cancellation/refund/credit. Did you get it?

A: Due to an unusually high email and call volume, it’s taking us as much as two weeks to get responses back to each and every call or email.

If you need immediate assistance for an issue NOT addressed here, please reach out via text message to 503-345-3312

Please note: All of our billing, refunds, cancellations, and changes are made by hand — our systems are NOT automated. This means each one is processed by a person in our office and can take the better part of an hour for each one. We promise to respond as soon as we can, but please be patient with us, as we’re doing the very best we can!

Q: What is your cancellation/refund policy?

We request a two-week courtesy notice prior to withdrawals, made in writing via email.

For all withdrawals, we will retain your non-refundable deposit as a $50 withdrawal fee.

Tuition due at the time of withdrawal will be calculated based on elapsed program days. Due to our monthly payment schedule, this will not always match up perfectly with tuition paid. Any overpayment will be refunded and should a balance be due an invoice will be sent.

Q: Will you still honor your cancellation policy if I email in time, but Trackers doesn't get to my request soon enough?

A: Yes, absolutely. We base cancellations on the date we receive the email, not the response date.

Q: Do you have space later in the Fall?

A: Many of our programs are full but some are still open for registrants! We are working to make more spaces available and will post those online as soon as they open up. It is likely that as we work with families and changing school schedules, spaces may open up. If you register after a program has started we will prorate the cost from the first day attended.

Q: How will check in / out change?

A: There has been a shift in program times, which are reflected in your reminder email. To follow Oregon Health Authority guidelines to maintain stable groups for our students , we do not plan on offering After Camp. We have also chosen to have families drop-off onsite for most programs, rather than transporting students on buses. However, there are still a few Outdoor PDX programs that use buses for transport.

Q: What about health checks?

A: We require parents to take their child's temperature every morning. If your child has any symptoms of being sick, please stay home for the safety of everyone. Trackers will credit you for that time. We also are running an in-depth daily health check for staff and students at drop-off each day and provide temperature checks for anyone checking in who is not able to check prior to the program that day

Q: What is your plan for transportation?

At this time, our buses are only used in our OutdoorPDX program. For all other programs, families will drop off onsite.

Q: Why do kids need Trackers now?

A: What kids need now more than ever is care, connection and education. We strongly believe that in these times, education that is outdoors is best. Kids need the fresh air, new experiences and a chance to connect with friends - which all can be done outdoors for better social distancing.

Q:Will your programs change?

A: Some programs have changed. Our goal is to maintain the integrity of our programs while adapting to evolving state health and safety guidelines.

Q: Hand washing

A: We will provide hand sanitizer & handwashing stations, working to make sure each student & staff uses them often throughout the day.

Q: Will students wear masks?

A: Per current procedures, students will be required to bring masks and wear them during transportation and other situations in which sufficient social distancing is not possible.

Q: Is Trackers keeping the online platform Spark?

A: Yes. We are working hard to bring you the high-quality adventure, fun, and learning that you have come to expect from Trackers, in our new online format. You can find out more on our online programming page

Q: What about if my child is Absent?

A: If your child will be absent, please notify us in advance so that we can let our instructors know. Absences may be reported by emailing us at info@trackersearth.com or call our office line at 503-345-3312.

Tuition will not be prorated for missed days. If a program day is cancelled by Trackers, we will try to schedule a make-up day. If one cannot be scheduled, we will issue you a credit for the missed program day.

Q: Weather and Air Quality?

A: We regularly monitor the AQI (air quality index) forecast whenever there is a possibility of unhealthy conditions outside. If we are concerned about the AQI for a session, we will notify the primary account user the day prior that we will make a final decision at 6:30 am on the day of the session. We do this in order to make an informed decision based on the latest forecast and trending AQI data.

We caution any participants with breathing sensitivities to remain home above AQI levels of 75. We will run sessions at this level, and engage in low activity, non-strenuous activities. We will not run programs at an AQI level of 150 or above. In cases where this happens, we will first try to reschedule the session to a later date. If this is not possible, we will credit your account a prorated daily amount.


A: When it rains, we take that as a challenge! In our experience, if kids are properly attired (with completely waterproof jackets, pants, and boots) they still have a great time being outdoors. We will use natural rain coverage and put up temporary shelters when kids need a break from the rain.

Q: What is your Winter Weather policy?

A: At Trackers, our goal is to prepare kids to thrive in nature in all types of weather and conditions, from rain to sleet to summer’s heat. Our policies for inclement and extreme weather events are as follows:

All decisions are always made with the safety of students and staff as our top priority. We monitor the local school districts’ closure decisions; however, the broader needs of school districts are very different from our specific needs as a more personal, outdoor-focused program. As a mobile program we sometimes have the option to transport children to areas less impacted by extreme weather.

With our goal of teaching resilience in all outdoor conditions in mind, Trackers will continue to operate programs as scheduled if, in our judgement, we can safely do so.

During extreme weather, please send your child dressed appropriately for the conditions and carefully review any required packing list additions emailed by our office.

Trackers reserves the right to change program locations. In the event that Trackers changes a program location or date, no refunds or credits will be offered.

If the conditions become hazardous, or if parks are closed for safety reasons and an alternative site cannot be found, Trackers may reschedule the program. If we are unable to reschedule a program we will offer a credit or refund.

Notifications for Families:

Notifications of canceled or rescheduled programs will go out via email & text. Due to our large student population, it is not always possible to individually call every family. We will also update the message on our phone line to let you know what is happening. Although we make every effort to notify families far in advance, it is not always possible as conditions can change very quickly.

If hazardous weather develops after students arrive and we close mid-day, you will receive an email and text to come pick up your student. We will also make an effort to contact parents via phone; however, please understand that our focus will be on supervising our students and keeping them safe.

For essential program communication, please use our primary office contacts. Often families try to contact us over social media. Our Facebook page messages cannot be be monitored as consistently as our office email and phone. If you reach our voicemail, it is very important that you leave us a message so that we can get back to you right away.